About TLI

The sculpture Maquina, designed by William Conrad Severson, is the focal point of Engineering Mall. Teaching and Learning Insights (TLI) is designed to build community and share knowledge about teaching and learning throughout the College of Engineering. TLI will be distributed once a month by the Engineering Learning Center, in collaboration with the Engineering Climate and Diversity Committee. TLI is intended to communicate ideas and information related to teaching in college classrooms to all faculty, instructional staff, and students.

Examples of TLI entries include approaches to teaching assessment strategies, curricular design, professional development opportunities, resources, and examples of successful instruction. Educational and professional honors and recognition of these achievements will continue to appear in the College of Engineering Newsnotes.

This semester, TLI is also receiving support from the "How People Learn Engineering" project. This collaborative research between the College of Engineering and the School of Education is funded by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. EEC-0648267. Articles will attempt to connect research on what engineers say is important to their professional practice with implications for engineering education.

The June 2009 issue was written by Kyle Matthew Oliver and Sandra Shaw Courter, with editing and HTML markup by Oliver. If you have any feedback to share, or an item you would like to have considered for inclusion in a future edition of TLI, please send it to the Engineering Learning Center at elc@engr.wisc.edu.