Recommended Resource: Journal of Engineering Education

Journal of Engineering Education
Published by: The American Society for Engineering Education
ISSN Number: 1069-4730

The Journal of Engineering Education (JEE) is a peer-reviewed international journal published quarterly by the American Society for Engineering Education. Its stated mission is "to serve as an archival record of scholarly research in engineering education," and its articles range widely on topics related to engineering education.

"The journal publishes articles on a wide variety of topics relevant to engineering education. Among the topics covered are educational innovations that improve student learning or performance as typified by experiments involving courses, laboratories, experiential activities, and support and intervention programs; expositions synthesizing papers or reports that have influenced engineering education today, where it is headed, or where it should be headed; developments in assessment processes and methodologies used to evaluate the effectiveness of educational experiments or programs; and outreach and transition activities involving elementary and secondary education programs, pre-engineering transfer institutions, intra-campus or inter-campus collaborations, or efforts to improve technical literacy." (From the JEE website.)

Recent topics taken up by the journal include achieving gender diversity in undergraduate Engineering programs, retaining Engineering majors once they have begun a program, outcomes of a K-12 engineering outreach program, assessment of students' conceptual understanding, and the inclusion of writing skills in Engineering classes.

Access to this journal is free with a membership to The American Society for Engineering Education, or we have it here on campus in Wendt Library and available electronically from the Education Full Text database. The Engineering Learning Center library also includes many of the recent volumes!


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