Resource Review: eCOW2 Tutorials

eCOW2 screenshot The College of Engineering's old online teaching tool, eCOW, was retired at the end of last year. The software had become cumbersome to maintain and lacked many features familiar to today's web-savvy students. Staff at the Computer-Aided Engineering Center (CAE) have customized a replacement, dubbed eCOW2, that retains many of the features of the original eCOW. Faculty will still be able to upload handouts, receive assignments in a drop box, and post grades online. In addition, the new software supports chat rooms, group work, and the ability to administer and automatically grade quizzes and assignments online.

According to the timeline outlined by Steve Cramer, associate dean of academic affairs, all data stored in the original eCOW will be available only in an archival format. Faculty will need to use either the university-wide Learn@UW, or the College of Engineering's new eCOW2 to deliver online content to their students.

To ease the transition to the new software, CAE's Paul Oliphant created several brief online tutorials. The first two flash videos walk viewers through the process of setting up an online classroom (course shell) and adding some basic content to that classroom. Oliphant has been working with researchers in the School of Education to create additional videos describing how to use some of the new software's more advanced features.

The tutorials can be found here.


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